We use a variety of tests and procedures to learn more about your cancer.

The information is designed to complement the support provided by your healthcare team. We provide information that addresses the physical, emotional and social impacts a cancer diagnosis can bring. Our catalogue of cancer information includes resources developed by our experts and specially selected titles sourced from trusted organizations and agencies.There are many resources freely available in the cancer information hub on level 2D. This includes translated health resources. For further assistance, please see patient information or speak to our friendly staff


Pathology is a medical specialty about the study and causes of disease and is integral to the diagnosis of every cancer.


Radiology is a medical specialty that uses different kinds of imaging to diagnose and treat disease.

Laboratory Services

Doctor may use variety of laboratory services if cancer is suspected. In conducting lab tests for cancer we take samples of blood, urine, other bodily fluids or tissue..


A bone marrow biopsy is a procedure frequently performed to aid in the diagnosis and staging of many blood…